Encourage your inner self!

Coaching in a safe environment.

‘The only constant in the universe is change.’

(‘Panta rhei’, Heraclitus, 500 BC)

Encourage and strengthen your inner self to become more conscious of who you are and more effective in what you do and what you want to achieve…

…as a leader, talent, employee, single entrepreneur or as a private individual seeking for new business challenges.

Why is it so important to grow within yourself?

Panta rhei – everything flows’, Heraclitus of Ephesos, a philosopher in ancient Greece, kept saying, already in 500 BC. And only now we really understand what he meant and that he was absolutely right. If you do not change, you stagnate. Personal development and growth – that’s what makes us special.

Who we are is how we impact our environment. From the start of our lives, as soon as we are born, we continuously change as we continuously develop, more and more. The same is true for our roles in professional and private life. We can identify our perspectives, see our possibilities and take our choices – and then take action and deepen what we learned. By strengthening our inner self we are strengthening our authenticity and courage and therefore our impact on our direct environment and how we lead our teams.

Take this journey and unleash your potential. Understand your values, what life means to you as well as new perspectives. Try to name your inner preventers and learn how to manage them. Understand how you can find balance and how to encourage and empower yourself. It is all about motivation, which comes through new perspectives and the trust in what is right for you.

Coaching can be very transformative. It all depends on you, it is all in you. It is always the right time to start a transformative journey. The stronger your inner leader gets, the more you can lead yourself and the more authentic and effective you will be able to lead your crew through stormy waters into a calmer, open sea and to the next island on the horizon.

I am here to guide you on your journey …

I am a passionate coach, trained in the Co-active® Coaching Model | Co-active® Training Institute | www.coactive.com as well as in the ‘The Leadership Circle Profile‘, a 360° leadership assessment tool and coaching model | www.leadershipcircle.com.

Both are exciting and powerful models guiding you to encourage and empower yourself and helps you to excel in your private and professional role. In anyone of us is a leader – the one guiding us how we should lead ourselves through our own life and the one guiding us how to lead in our professional life.

… and to design the ‘best fit package’ together with you – for you!

Your potential is available to you. I support you in identifying and unlocking it. How? It can be either or a mix of…

Executive Coaching | Leadership Coaching | Team Coaching | Career Coaching | Talent Coaching | Startup Coaching | Business Coaching | Mentoring | Conflict Management

Just try it out and contact me if you are interested to learn more about how to identify and unlock your potential.

Encourage | Empower | Excel – first yourself, then your team.