Excel through consulting!


Support your strategic changes – small or big!

Complement your expertise. Strengthen your capacities. Increase your experience…

… through an outside and impartial professional support in your projects.

I believe in successful transformations …

… through an impartial view at the goals, strategy and communication of the changes and a hands-on as well as clear leadership approach during implementation.

A deep understanding of your specific challenges is my starting point! Various reasons can make consultancy services a great option for an organisation to strengthen their capacities, whether it is scarce resources or a lack of expertise or missing experience in certain areas. Moreover, outside and impartial facilitation can significantly help organisations in critical parts of their change projects.

The business world is changing so quickly in so many aspects (global competition, the speed of innovation, process optimisation, digitalisation, external shocks, new ways of working, new generations’ onboarding, restructuring, diversification of the portfolio, and many more). We are being overwhelmed by the need for changes we should apply just to keep our positon in the market. Often, either the resources and skills or the expertise and experience are not sufficiently available at the right time. 
We cannot allow to run such a risk in important change projects. External resources can be a very valuable, complementing way of support, as long as they are chosen and allocated well, to overcome such bottlenecks.

With my more than 20 years of professional experience in different areas of banking and IT, sales as well as corporate functions, as team member, team lead, unit head or external management consultant in strategic or operational projects and responsible for RFP processes, I am bringing an invaluable expertise and experience in many areas to the table.

Where I can help you…

These are the areas in organisational development, business transformation and smaller strategic changes I have specific skills in and where I would love to support you:

Strategy Development | Governance | Cultural Change | Change Management  |  Corporate Functions | Internal Communications | Leadership Culture  | Leadership Development
Running your RFP Process | Organising Your Events | Inspirational Speaker @ Your Event.

According to my experience, change projects need to be tailored to a company’s culture and needs. Based on a common understanding of the initial situation, the goals, the major challenges and the major changes to be implemented, a tailor-made proposal and a seamless alliance can be designed.

The proposal will include a range of support services options. Together we will then compile the best fit combination of these services, which will serve as the basis for my offer to you.

I stand at your disposal to help you implement your strategic changes in various roles in your project. I am confident that I will add value to your projects!

Let’s check how we can best work together!