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Why is it so important to make leadership your strategic priority?

Only few organisations do have leadership as part of their strategic plan for the next 5 years. Usually, a company’s success is defined by e.g. share value, turnover, profit, market value, cost reduction, ROI, customer retention, productivity, … – you name it. And sometimes, if we are lucky, we might find employee’s satisfaction, employee or HR development on the list as well. Leadership culture and leadership development are rarely on the list of strategic priorities of organisations.

Spending time on our employees, thereby gaining knowledge and understanding our people, the work they do and what drives them at work, motivates our teams, ignites team spirit, increases productivity, encourages creativity, creates innovation and fosters efficiency. Especially in a VUCA* world we are facing nowadays, developing our leadership effectiveness, therefore, has a direct impact on our success as a leader and on our company’s success.

Leadership is key to ensure team spirit, employee motivation and overall satisfaction of the people working in our teams. Motivated employees will identify more with their work and their employer – are more productive and finally will be more effective and more likely to stay in our organisation.

The most effective leaders work on their teams on a regular basis, they spend more time with them and on them than their peers, and will increase their people’s overall motivation and health – and with this, the overall team effectiveness.

The most effective leaders work on themselves first. As leaders we need to first work on our own self-awareness, our courage, our self-confidence, our vulnerability, our authenticity, our empathy, our system awareness – and on our ability to build connection, our aliveness and how, overall, we show up as a leader.

*VUCA – Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity

I’d love to work with you on either or a mix of…

360° Leadership Assessment** | Leadership Culture | Leadership Development | Workshops & Offsites | Team Buildings | Employee Events | Moderation | Inspirational Speaker @ Your Event

** I am certified in consulting and coaching on ‘The Leadership Circle Profile’ | www.leadershipcircle.com

… on topics such as…

Leadership Effectiveness | Courageous Leadership Communication | Leadership in times of crisis | How to lead into new ways of working | and many more…

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